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multi.modal is a new London based record label that muddies the borders between improvisation, field recording and composition. Each release on the label will triangulate these artistic spaces and reflect contemporary music practices, which tend to be collaborative and multimodal.

multi.modal is curated by composers and artists Claudia Molitor and Tullis Rennie, based at SPARC (Sound Practice and Research @ City).
Project management in collaboration with NMC Recordings. Distributed by NMC Recordings. 


MM.01  Decoys

Decoys, the first release, sees sound artists Angus Carlyle and Mark Peter Wright collaborate to produce a 15-minute composition and a graphic score. This score, which deliberately withheld Wright and Carlyle’s intentions – hence the work’s title - was then interpreted by violinist Alison Blunt, pianist Claudia Molitor and trombonist Tullis Rennie, to form side B of this vinyl release.


MM.02   Boundaries

Boundaries, the second release, sees artists Jan Hendrikse and David Toop interpret Chieko Shiomi’s Boundary Music. This text score from 1963 states: “Make the faintest possible sound to a boundary condition whether the sound is given birth to as a sound or not. At the performance, instruments, human bodies, electronic apparatus or anything else may be used.” Side two features two works by Cath Roberts, Off-World and March of the Egos, interpreted by CUEE (City University Experimental Ensemble).