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SPARC Symposium: Socio-Sonic

SPARC Symposium 2018: Socio-Sonic

14 - 15 September 2018

OTO Projects, Image courtesy of Assemble

OTO Projects, Image courtesy of Assemble


This symposium will take a cross-disciplinary approach, digging deeper into sonic sociality. While the social aspects of music-making are well-documented, the sociality of sound is less often discussed in detail. The SPARC Symposium 2018 will bring together practitioners and researchers from a wide variety of musical and non-musical backgrounds for two days of spoken presentations, discussion, installation, film screenings and performances.

Keynote: Maria Lisogorskaya (Assemble)

Invited Participants include: BLATT3000, Toby O’Connor, Ansgar Endress, Eloise Ruth Garland, Corey Mwamba, Sam Mackay, Matilde Meireles, Pedro Rebelo, Georgia Rodgers, Lauren Redhead, Malcolm Philips, Rupert Cox & Angus Carlyle


DAY 1 // Friday 14th September, 9:30 AM - 7 PM
Music Department at City, University of London
Northampton Square, Clerkenwell (EC1V 0HB)

University Building, room B200
College Building, Performance Space

09.30 // welcome (B200)

10.00 // keynote (B200)
Maria Lisogorskaya: Sounds of production

11.15 // session 1 (B200)
Corey Mwamba: Sociality, expansions and representations in British jazz and improvised music
Eloise Ruth Garland: How To Be A Deaf Musician
Matilde Meireles: The Rhythm of a Stride and other stories finding place through sound
Rupert Cox: The Sound of the Sky Being Torn: notes on noise from Japan
Malcolm Philips: The Sound of Grenfell

13.00 // lunch (not provided)

14.00 // screening (Performance Space)
Rupert Cox & Angus Carlyle: Zawawa

15.00 // session 2 (Performance Space)
Toby O’Connor: Envoicements in Local Planning: Voices, masks and nothing more?
BLATT 3000: AGAR AGAR 3000

16.00 // session 3 (B200)
Pedro Rebelo: Participatory Sonic Arts - Strategies for Shared Listening
Georgia Rodgers: Composing spatial experience: thoughts from a composer-acoustician
Sam Mackay: Sound and opacity in Claude McKay’s Banjo
Ansgar Endress: Are we good communicators? 

17.30 // installation & wine reception (Performance Space Foyer)
Walls On Walls

18:00 // screening (Performance Space)
Pedro Rebelo, Matilde Meireles & Iñigo Sánchez: Behind a Performance: Tufo da Mafalala

18:35 // performance (Performance Space)
Matilde Meireles & Sam Andreae: The Rhythm of a Stride



DAY 2 // Saturday 15th September, 10:30 AM - 4 PM
Old Paradise Yard, Waterloo (SE1 7LG)

10.30 // welcome

11.00 // keynote
Lauren Redhead: What can Practice Research Contribute to Epistemology, or,
what do Practice-Researchers know and how do they know it?

11.30 // open discussion (chaired by Soosan Lolavar)

13.00 // lunch

14.30 // self-organising experiment
AGAR AGAR 3000 Festival