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MM.01  Decoys

Decoys, the first release, sees sound artists Angus Carlyle and Mark Peter Wright collaborate to produce a 15-minute composition and a graphic score. This score, which deliberately withheld Wright and Carlyle’s intentions – hence the work’s title - was then interpreted by violinist Alison Blunt, pianist Claudia Molitor and trombonist Tullis Rennie, to form side B of this vinyl release.

Carlyle and Wright say about the work:

“We wanted to create a work that would somehow propel the immediate and futurological aspects of life on a damaged planet. There is a sense of environmental toxicity, debris, heat and movements of the human or more-than-human. Every sound was produced through experimental Foley (post-production) techniques, which seemed apt given the post-natural context we were working within; we were questioning notions of authenticity and the real within the framing and capturing of place.

We are really excited to have contributed the first multi.modal record – taking the opportunity to divert Foley from its usual naturalisms, creating a score that disclosed as much as it dissembled, hearing Blunt’s, Molitor’s and Rennie’s uncanny interpretation, working with a label who realize that graphic design forms part of a release’s content.”


Decoys is available on vinyl or as a digital release.

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